About Us

At Ringside we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with each and every one of our clients. We treat every job as if it were an extension of our own business. We strive to understand the specifics of your enterprise and align ourselves with your potential customers.

We would like to think of ourselves as a nice blend of left-brain, right-brain.Fig. 1 We’re detail-oriented with a knack for organization, and we take deadlines seriously. Yet we’re also a highly creative bunch with a cutting edge and keen eye. We stay up-to-date on our technologiesFig. 2. Yet we’re always looking forward and thinking outside the box.

Our Team

Trey Tomjanovich Fig. 3

Strategy & Technology Lead, Founder


Trey Tomjanovich has been a “technology geek” for as long as he can remember. As a prepubescent he spent his days hacking away on his Linux box. After graduating from St. Edwards University with a degree in Computer Science, Trey sold his statistical analysis software to the Los Angeles Lakers and has held them as a client ever since. While in Los Angeles he also designed and built numerous websites for local companies. After his impatience with L.A. traffic and his longing for Tex-Mex food both reached the bursting point, Trey also decided it was time to get back to Texas. Now in Houston, he and Amelia have combined their talents and formed Ringside.

Amelia Luton Fig. 4

Creative Director, Founder


Amelia Luton has always had a knack for creating. After graduating with a Communications degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, she headed to Los Angeles and spent four years assisting a costume designer, helping to create designs for the likes of Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and Marissa Tomei. From there Amelia went on to work for a Los Angeles magazine before deciding it was time to head back to her beloved state of Texas. Now in Houston, she has combined her love of design and the written word and created Ringside Design with partner Trey Tomjanovich.

Michael Mandola

Director of Public Relations


After graduating from Georgetown University with degrees in Italian and New & Small Business Management, Michael Mandola moved to NYC and began his PR career at Carolina Herrera, later moving to Bill Blass. After getting his feet wet in high fashion, he missed the hospitality of the South and decided to return home to Houston, TX, honing his business-to-business and business-to-consumer skills by working with such clients as Hamilton Shirts and Billy Reid while at Studio Communications, a boutique lifestyle PR agency. He went on to leave Studio Communications to focus on development for the lower Westheimer location of Legacy Community Health Services, until deciding to do regional PR for RentTheRunway.com. Overseeing several market initiatives in LA, Philadelphia, DC, Houston, and Dallas, he decided it was time to go out on his now, combining forces with Amelia Luton and Trey Tomjanovich. Throughout his career, Mandola has been active in all facets of PR - from the creative component through to the marketing launch, overseeing projects from the incubation phase to consumer roll-out.

Left Brain/Right Brain Fig. 1
Think Outside The Box Fig. 2
Trey Tomjanovich Fig. 3
Amelia Luton Fig. 4